Place An Onion On Your Neck And You Will Solve The Most Common Diseases Of Our Time



Onion is a remedy for all diseases. Moreover, it helps the establishment of the regular work of the thyroid gland. We present you simple, but very efficient method.

Since ancient times it is well known that onion cleanse the skin, kills bacteria, helps cleansing the blood and all that thanks to the phosphoric acid. We suggest you to try this phenomenal product as a remedy for treatment of the thyroid gland.

You will need onion for this:

Before going to bed, cut big clove of onion into two halves, so that the juice comes out. With circle movements massage your neck with one half of the onion onto the thyroid gland area:

Do not wash the onion juice from your neck, go to sleep with it. During the night, it will have soothing effect on the thyroid gland, by regulating its functions.

It would be even better if you make a coating – squeeze onion juice and soak a cotton towel in it, and put it around your neck. If possible, sleep over the night with this compress.

Moreover, you can put onion rings on your feet.




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