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Time For Natural Health Care

How A Glass Of Cold Water Acts After A Meal?


Many of us will reach after a glass of cold water right after we are done eating. But is this habit good for your organism and overall health?

Remember what happens when you pour cold water over a pan in which you have just been frying something? Unfortunately, the same happens to your digestive system as well.

Cold water has the ability to harden food’s fats once they are in the stomach. This way you will end up with solid mass in your stomach. This mass is very hard to digest. However, when this hard mass comes into contact with stomach’s acids, it is crushed and thus absorbed in the intestines. The worst part is that the hardened mass will be absorbed before the solid food.

All this can lead to cancer occurrence due to impaired function of the whole digestive system.

So, avoid drinking cold water right after you are done eating. Instead, drink lukewarm water, tea or warm soup.