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Time For Natural Health Care

Homemade Test:  Check If Everything Is All Right With Your Thyroid Gland


If you suspect something is wrong with your thyroid, you do not need to immediately do an analysis of hormones, because in this article we will present you a test you can do at home.

In this modern age, diseases of the thyroid gland are a real plague, especially in women. Disruptions in the work of this extremely important gland cause numerous complications with heart, body weights, metabolism…

Besides regular monitoring of hormones that experts recommend, there is another way to check whether your thyroid working properly.

The test through which you can check the work of the gland is quite simple. Dr. Brod Branson discovered that the temperature of our body is a true indicator of the work of the thyroid gland.

Take the thermometer before bedtime, shake it well and leave it near the bed and the next morning immediately after waking you put it under the armpit and measure your body temperature.

Read the result after 10 minutes and immediately write it down. The result is known as “early morning basal temperature”.

The normal body temperature is between 36.5 and 36.8 degrees.

The temperature may vary due to infectious diseases and women who are in reproductive period. The main recommendation is this test to be done when you are healthy and in the period immediately after the menstrual cycle.

Test’s results:

1. Temperature between 5 and 36.8 degrees means your thyroid gland is working properly.

2. Temperature lower than 5 degrees means your thyroid gland has reduced work (hypothyroidism). Symptoms of reduces work of thyroid gland are depression,fatigue, infections, lack of energy, chronic headaches, lack of concentration and memory, hair loss etc.

3. Temperature higher than 8 degrees means increased work of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) or infection in the body.

Note: Due to increased accuracy of results, it is recommended to make the test three days in a row.