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Time For Natural Health Care

Science Explains Why You Should NOT Clean Your Ears


Cotton swabs are not as safe as we think according to the latest research. This is why we should use them for removing wax from the ear canal.

The first and foremost rule is that the wax from the ears should be left where it is located. Cerumen, as it is also called, is best to be left and not be seen as something dirty.

Cerumen, actually prevents dirt and dust getting in the ear canal – experts say. It also possesses mild antibacterial properties that prevent the occurrence of infections.

In addition to being wrong to remove earwax with cotton swabs, you should not remove it because our body naturally produces it. Over time, the earwax hardens and is replaced by new. The dried one is disposed out of the ear canal with every movement of the jaw.

Ear canal is capable enough to clean itself. The problem arises when we do it using cotton swabs. By cleaning the ear with cotton swab we are just pushing the wax deeper into the ear and thus we do more damage, in particular, we are helping development of microorganisms and occurrence of ear infections.

It may also come to other complications such as hearing loss or even damaging of the eardrum, if you violently push the cotton swab deep in the ear cavity.