Homemade Anti-Cellulite Cream – First Results In 7 Days



Preparing natural cream against cellulite is not difficult at all. Such prepared natural cream is much more effective than the purchased expensive products. This homemade cream, prepared according to the instructions for this recipe, will have effect only after using it for seven days.

Homemade cream against cellulite is an ideal remedy against the so-called “orange peel skin”, and it is also effective fighter against stretch marks.

Homemade anti-cellulite cream

Ingredients and preparation:

– 100 ml any baby cream

– 5-6 Mumio pills

– 20 drops of essential orange/lemon/grapefruit oil

– 3-5 drops of essential cinnamon oil

The best cream for preparation of homemade anti-cellulite cream is the baby cream because it does not contain any harmful substances that would cause adverse effects and because they contain oils and water.

Mumio pills are not only used in the fight against cellulite, but they are also used against stretch marks. Mumio tightens the skin, increases its elasticity and at the same time makes the skin soft and silky.

Essential citrus oils are also efficient in the anti-cellulite struggle. It can be said that it is their real purpose. You can choose which oil to use, lemon, orange or grapefruit. Citrus oils are rich in useful substances that nourish and tighten the skin.

Cinnamon oil, not only because of its pleasant aroma, but also because it is very effective against the “orange peel skin”, combined with the citrus oils gives excellent results.

The preparation of the cream is very simple:

Put 100 gr of baby cream in a jar. Then, add 5-6 crumbled pills and mix it. For easier breaking and crumbling, Mumio pills should be kept in fridge. Next, add 20 drops of citrus oil, and 5 drops of cinnamon oil.

Stir all ingredients well, cover the jar and let it stay for 8-10 hours. Then, stir it again. Now, your homemade anti-cellulite cream is ready for use. After each use of the cream, do not forget to close the jar.

For best results, what you need to do is to massage the problematic parts of your body with the homemade cream every day. You should expect the first results after 7 days.

Such prepared homemade cream can be used for 3 weeks. After that, you can prepare another dose of the cream.

After you apply the cream wait for the skin to absorb it, and then put on your nightwear, if you apply the cream before going to bed. Some dark stains can remain, but do not worry, they are easily washable.