Effective Home Remedy For Blackheads Removal And Pores Cleansing (VIDEO)



Virtually no person is immune to face blackheads.

If you want to remove the face blackheads, we have the right solution. And the best thing is that the results are immediately visible!

It is about a gelatin mask. This mask is the best remedy for your face. Those who have already tried this mask confirm that it is the most effective way for blackheads removal and pores cleansing.

Besides, the gelatin mask improves the blood circulation and the face complexion. Furthermore, it makes the skin smooth, elastic and soft.

Try it and convince yourself!

Before we show you the recipe, briefly we warn you that this mask is heated in a microwave oven, and then it should quickly be applied on your face. Therefore, you need to be careful; the mask should not be very hot. To test it, apply small quantity on your hand; that will help you avoid burning. Because of the strong pulling effect, do not apply the mask close to the eyebrows, because this mask at the same time has waxing effect if not dried sufficiently and if not removed correctly.

You can find the recipe below.


– 1 tablespoon of gelatin

– 1-2 tablespoons of milk


In a microwave suitable bowl put the gelatin and add the milk. Mix it. Then, put the bowl in a microwave oven for 10-15 seconds. You should have a mask with creamy structure. Mix it well and immediately apply the mask on the blackheads area and the area where you want to clean the pores. Leave it until completely dry, approximately 30 minutes.

Finally, peel the mask. While you peel it, you can feel a little pain, however it is endurable, but do not remove it with water.

The purpose of this mask is complete removal of any dirt on the face. You can apply the mask twice a month.

Watch the video below:


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