Here Is What You Must Know Before You Eat at Subway Again



All of us must have believed the promotions by Subway that claim about their “fresh” foods. But all that was a lie.

Fred DeLuca started Subway’s journey in the 60s with a goal that he would offer nothing but fresh and healthy foods.

The business started with the $1000 he got from Peter Buck in order to fund his education. Both Peter and Fred partnered to offer ‘fresh’ food. However, things are not the same over the last few years.

Doctors Associates, Inc. is the current owner of Subway.

Just like the word ‘fresh’, the name of owner is also misleading. It doesn’t have any doctor in it and the foods’ freshness and nutritional value is not measured. The only thing that Subway does is to sell food and make profits from it. Freshness is not anything they deal in.

Most of us believe that there’s some strict policy at Subway regarding offering only healthy foods. We all believe in that big brand but don’t know what lies underneath.

We can take as an example their 9-grain whole wheat bread. It may seem to be something that smells and looks fresh, but the fact is that there are more than 4 dozens of ingredients in it that include refined sugar, refined flour, conditioners and MSG. It is full of so many processed ingredients. There’s no way you can add the tagline ‘fresh’ or even ‘food’ to it.

Don’t Eat At Subway Before You Know This

So what is Italian bread made up of?

Italian bread is a white bread that contains enriched flour. Enriched flour has the following ingredients in it:

– Wheat flour

– Barley malt

– Niacin

– Folic acid

– Thiamin mononitrate

– Water

– Sugar

– Riboflavin

There’s 2% soybean oil, fermented wheat flour, yeast, wheat protein isolate, wheat gluten, and dough conditioners.

Dough conditioners used in it have the following ingredients:

– Acetyl tartaric acid esters of mono-/diglycerides

– Ammonium sulfate

– Calcium sulfate

– Potassium iodate

– Ascorbic acid

– Amylase

– Azodicarbonamide

Some of the other ingredients found this bread are lactic acid, sulfites, mineral oil, and sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate.

With so many dubious ingredients in it, Subway’s bread is the perfect definition of toxic. It has soybean oil rather than olive oil, sunflower oil or peanut oil.

Things are also highly concerning when you look at the so called vegetables used by Subway. The peppers and pickles are the biggest concerns. They may seem to be both shiny and great-looking, but the fact is that they are using artificial colors.

Studies found ferrous gluconate (an additive) in the black olives offered by Subway. The next time you think of grabbing your meal at Subway, you should know what you will be consuming. There’s nothing fresh in it and all you could be gulping down is tons of toxins.



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