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Time For Natural Health Care

Home remedy For The Treatment Of Pancreas Which Is Recommended For Diabetics


This recipe is used for preventing pancreas diseases as well as for treating it. This remedy is very useful for diabetics because it positively affects stabilization off level of sugar in the blood.

In order to prepare this remedy you will need the following ingredients:


– 1 kg of lemons

– 300 grams of parsley

– 300 grams of garlic


Method of preparation:

The remedy is easily prepared. All you need to do is mince all abovementioned ingredients in a meat mincer. The lemons should be minced together with its rind but without the seeds.


Way of use of the remedy:

Put the resulting mixture in a tightly closed glass jar and let it stand still in the fridge for two weeks. Take one tablespoon of this remedy 15 minutes before a meal, three times a day. Make sure you consume the remedy daily.


It is recommendable to drink one third of a cup of strawberries leaf tea with this remedy. You can also drink blueberry or cranberry tea instead.