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Time For Natural Health Care

Goji Berry – The King Of Antioxidants


The little goji berry is one of the most powerful herbs in the world and takes the top position on the American ORAC scale, which measures the antioxidant properties of food. Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) is a woody plant, which gives a very tasty and amazingly healthy fruit. It grows in the Himalayas where it has been used for centuries not only as food but also as a natural remedy. It is also called “happy berry” or “red diamond”. Once the results of the medical research confirmed these berries’ beneficial effect on overall health, at the beginning of the 21st century, their popularity has grown.

Goji berry is also known as wolf berries and has a long history of being used as supplement and herbal medicine in many Asian countries, including China. In Europe and North America this fruit attracted attention in recent years, after the potential positive impact on overall health and its success in the fight against aging and chronic diseases, including cancer, has been discovered.

Today Goji berries are grown in many parts of the world and are the most popular super food in the world. As we mentioned earlier, it takes the top stop on the first American ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity scale), which measures food’s antioxidant properties. The higher the position on the ORAC scale, the food has a greater capacity to destroy free radicals that disrupt health, cause chronic diseases and accelerate the aging process.

Nutritional quality of goji berries

Goji berries are a natural source of minerals and vitamins. When it comes to their vitamins consistence, it contains vitamin B2, vitamin B1, and vitamin C. When it comes to minerals it possesses iron, zinc, selenium, calcium and potassium. Goji berries has an abundance of fiber (100 grams of Goji berries contain 7 grams of fiber), which gives a feeling of satiety and improves digestion of food. They are also very rich in protein (100 grams of Goji berries contain 14.3 grams of protein, 28% of the recommended daily intake), which helps maintain muscle bone and mass. The sources of vitamin C, calcium and iron help in the process of formulation of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood and allow a normal supply of energy for the metabolism.

Goji berry health benefits

The health benefits you can gain from consuming goji berries are numerous and various, such as strengthening the immunity, due to the large presence of antioxidants these berries prevent cancer, leukemia and other dangerous diseases. They also prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, give energy boost, have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, protect eyesight, help when it comes to dealing with enlarged prostate, increase fertility in women and slow the aging process of the body.