Be Careful What You Buy – Plastic Rice Is Spreading Across Asia



Unfortunately, we have reached that point in humanity where our real food is changing to the point that it is no longer food. The case with the fake rice indicated this example perfectly!

Many buyers are careful when buying, well check the ingredients on the labels of the products, but what happens to the item that is totally false and must not be consumed? Yes, we are talking about fake “plastic” rice that is made from potatoes and synthetic resin!

This rice comes from China and it has already taken the markets in Asian. It is expected that this rice will be found in supermarkets all around the globe!

This is why we are highly recommending be very careful and check what kind of good you buy and where do you buy it from!

In addition we present a video where you can see how the fake rice is made. Take a look:



Source: healthandhomeremedies