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Time For Natural Health Care

Every Evening Before You Go To Bed Put A Pinch Of This Mixture Under The Tongue – The Results Are Surprising


With consumption of these ingredients you will have a calm sleep, life without headaches and better immunity!

Sugar and salt is maybe not the most popular combination. However but if you often suffer from insomnia, the sugar-salt combination can be more than good! It is not healthy to combine these two ingredients in excessive amounts, but by moderate intake you will be able to achieve excellent results such as:

– Strengthening of the immune system;

– Headache elimination and

– Insomnia.

The increased serotonin level caused by these substances has very strong anti-stress effects. Try the following recipe:

Ingredients needed:

– 1 teaspoon of sea salt

– 5 teaspoons of brown sugar

The ratio between the salt and the sugar should be 1: 5. Mix both ingredients and place the resulting mixture in a glass jar.

Way of use:

Before you go to bed, take a small amount of the mixture and place it under the tongue. Leave to gradually dissolve in the mouth. Sodium salt allows proper cell breathing and mediates when it comes to improving the process of production of energy.

Besides this, each ingredient is powerful tool in the fight against stress, which disturbs the balance of metabolism and prevents relaxation in general and relaxation at night.

Source: healthyfoodstar