Make Homemade Energy Cubes Using Only 3 Ingredients


If you have not made them yet, then you must make them now. Trust us that these cubes will become your favorite dessert snack without which you cannot imagine your day!

The cubes are easy to prepare, and they are light and very tasty, but most importantly they are very healthy and definitely better and more cost-effective than energy bars.

The original recipe is consisted of raisins, almonds and dates, where the last two groceries are the base. If you do not enjoy raisins’ taste you can replace them with any kind if other fruit of your choice. Also you can add cinnamon, cocoa, coconut or chocolate pieces in the mix.

Raisins as a snack have many favorable effects on overall health. They regulate hunger and promote satiety. Thus they prevent excessive calorie intake because they extend the feeling of satiety.

Besides being able to lower cholesterol, almonds are great ingredient because they will help you maintain slim body line and can also reduce the desire for food, but help in the process of building muscle.

Dates are ideal snack that will fill you with enough energy for the rest of the day, but due to the high content of various essential nutrients and positive impacts on health, dates can be considered an ideal food.


Put all three groceries in a blender and mix until you get a homogeneous mixture. Remember to use the ingredients in ratio 1:1:1.

Pour the resulting mixture onto a foil and shape it as you wish (cubes, balls, sticks …)

Keep the cubes in the refrigerator. The energy cubes have shelf life up to several weeks.