Folk Remedies For Upset Stomach



We single out natural, folk remedies for upset stomach.

Whether it comes to poor and irregular diet or something else, each of us is bothered by stomach aches, and the remedy is so simple and each of us can do it without putting much effort and in just few minutes.

Everyone has these ingredients in their homes and can make simple folk remedies for upset stomach.


First recipe for upset stomach

Take half liter of pumpkin juice; next, add two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of apple cider or wine vinegar. This juice will instantly stop the pain in your stomach.


Other recipes for upset stomach

Mix six tablespoons of ground corn and four tablespoons of mashed peas and pour them with two liters of hot water. Let it stay for fifteen minutes, strain; the tea is ready for drinking. It is an excellent remedy against gastritis, and upset stomach.

Chamomile [Matricaria chamomilla] is quite justifiably the most popular medicinal herb in Europe, primarily because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, it relieves spasms and pains, and it is also used as tranquilizer. Primarily it is applied in case of diarrhea related issues. Besides the tea, chamomile tincture, which you can make by yourself, is also used.

Put the chamomile leaves in a jar and pour with ethyl-alcohol. Close the jar tight and leave it to stay in warm place for 2-6 weeks. Strain it and pour the liquid in a dark bottle. Keep the tincture in dark and cold place, because that way you can use it for at least one year. Take 2-3 drops a day [you can dilute it with water or you can put the drops on sugar cubes].


Stomach pain and natural remedies

Stomach pain is usually very tiresome and uncomfortable. The reasons are numerous and they can range from gastritis and ulcer, to oncological diseases. Therefore, if the problem is often, then you need to visit your doctor, and do not, in any way, try to cure by yourself. However, you can remove acute pain with the help of verified folk remedies.


Folk remedies for treatment of stomach

1. For upset stomach, that is, for treatment of gastritis, you can take half cup of cabbage or potato juice in the morning, on empty stomach. If pain does not stop – drink this juice three times a day, 20 minutes before meal. You will immediately feel the relief, only after the first day since you have started drinking this juice.

2. Boil 1kg of potatoes with peel in 5 liters of water. Boil until the potatoes are not decomposed. Drink half cup from this boiled mixture before each meal for few days.

3. If you are bothered by discomfort and heaviness, acid and stomach bloating –gather some dandelion leaves, no matter whether fresh or mature, only leaves to be green, chew them good and swallow. You may feel bitterness, but you must

4. If you have poor digestion, that is, indigestion, we advise you to drink 4-5 drops of juice of bay leaf – pour the leaf with some water.

5. In case of diarrhea, the following recipe can help you: grind some aloe leaves. Squeeze 10 ml juice out of it and drink it.

6. Dissolve 10 grams of honey with 250 ml of water. Drink it before breakfast on empty stomach, 30 minutes before meal, if possible. The treatment is 7 days.

7. Put 10 grams of chamomile and 10 grams of sage in a thermos. Pour it with half liter of hot water and leave it for few hours. Drink 5 ml at every 2 hours. This tea helps the pain reduction, it will return to normal the digestion in your intestines, stomach and pancreas. If it is about an ulcer of the duodenum, you must keep to this diet.


Sauerkraut – stomach cleaner

Abundant meals and sweets – after the holidays your stomach needs help for cleansing. Vienna professor, Bankhofer advices that eating sauerkraut is the best thing to do to your body after the holidays. He gives an example how sauerkraut is consumed in Korea.  In the kitchens of people of Korea, there is always a plate with sauerkraut and they eat it at any time. Because of the abundant and very fatty food consumption, there are often stomach and intestines issues.

Sauerkraut contains large quantities of vitamin C and the stomach is provided with lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria are similar to the protective bacteria in the stomach. The bacteria are irritated during the holidays, and eating sauerkraut helps the recovery of the intestine flora and the toxins from the body are easily discharged. Besides the vitamin C, the sauerkraut contains lactic acid bacteria, and vitamin B12, which is contained in very small number of vegetables.

They are necessary for the good mood, mental freshness, for the bones, for the production of red blood cells and for the heart muscle. Sauerkraut is also rich in vitamin B6 that processes the proteins and B3, which is beneficial for the brain metabolism. Sauerkraut is also rich in contents of zinc, which prevents our immune system.