Drink This Before Going To Bed And Burn Stomach Fat Instantly!



A lot of men and women are uncomfortable about a particular part of their body- a protruding stomach. A bulging belly is unsightly, and the best of outfits fail to undo the damage that it does to self-esteem.


We know that exercise and diet can reduce fat, but either we lack the time, or the space, or the will, to go on a really fat-reducing programme. Still, one has to do a minimal regime of exercising and careful eating. However, these are not enough. There should be a remedy directly aimed at removing toxins from the body.


Now, it appears that there is one remedy that could help us to be rid of that flab around your tummy and the good news is that it is a simple drink that takes just a few minutes to make. What this drink does to your body is that it gets rid of toxins, so that nutritional elements from food are absorbed by the body while toxic or cancerous elements are not. Gradually, fatty tissue does not get deposited. Ultimately, this drink speeds up metabolism, which means lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease will stay away from you.


To make this drink you will need,

1. Ginger (grated- 1tsp)

2. Cucumber -1

3. Lemon -1/2

4. Parsley – small bunch

5. Water -1/3 glass


Mix these ingredients thoroughly, using a juicer. The ideal time to take it is before going to bed, at night. Regular consumption of this drink, along with at least minimal time spent on exercise and careful eating habits will definitely show results. Way to go!



Source: Healthy Food Headlines