Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Chamomile Tea, Ginger, Rice Water And 3 Other Ways To Soothe Stomach Upsets



1. Chamomile tea

Simply make yourself a cup of chamomile tea.

Besides it will give your muscles a feeling of relaxation, it will also help with inflammation of internal organs.

2. Ginger tea

Ginger’s properties are extremely effective when it comes to overcoming dizziness and abdominal pain.

Cut a small piece of ginger and let it soak in boiling water.

If you do not have fresh ginger, put half a teaspoon of dried ginger in boiling water.

3. Rice water

Abdominal pain does not contribute to appetite, but that is why boiled rice and the water in which it was cooked can really help you get rid of your health problem.

Incredibly effective, rice water is recommended for relieving stomach aches and cramps.

Sweeten it with honey or brown sugar (optional).

4. Mint tea

Prepare the same way as with ginger. Fresh mint tea would be great, but the mint from the tea bag is not significantly less effective.

If you have fresh mint, put a few leaves of it in boiling water. Otherwise, one tea bag of dried mint will play the role of abdominal pain reliever.

5. Overdone toast

This time you should not worry if you burn the toast you are making. Simply let it burn and consume it afterwards as it is.

In this form, the toast is extremely effective because coal collects unnecessary amount of acid in the stomach that cause the abdominal pain.

But make sure to eat the overdone toast without spreads such as jams. Otherwise the spreads will contribute to even greater pain.

6. Yogurt

Drink yogurt because bacteria contained in yogurt possess a probiotic effect, meaning they are making balance in the stomach thus relieving pain.