If Your Heart Skips A Beat Or Causing Sharp Pain Than This 800-Year Old Remedy Will Solve All Difficulties!



This natural remedy for heart was made by a nun who lived 800 years ago. She left the recipe for generations to come.

The heart remedy is very efficient against all heart related diseases.

Ingredients needed:

– 10 fresh parsley stalks (without the root)

– 1 liter of homemade red or white wine

– 2 tablespoon of wine vinegar

– 300 grams of natural honey

Method of preparation:

Place the parsley in a liter of homemade wine and add the vinegar in it. Cook the mixture for 10 minutes over low heat. Finally, add the honey and let the mixture boils for another 4 minutes.

Drain the hot wine and put it in a glass bottle while it is still hot. Remember to previously wash the glass bottle with strong alcohol. Close it tightly.

Way of consuming:

Consume 1 tablespoon of the remedy whenever you feel the need to do so.