Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Chestnut Tincture – Helps With Arthrosis Of The Knee

Arthrosis of the knee, or gonarthrosis, is one of the most common diseases of the joints that occur from a damaged knee cartilage. The symptoms are regular sharp and heavy pains and movement limiting. If you have trouble with this disease, then try this tincture which will help you ... read more

Treat Yourselves Naturally: Folk Recipes With Onion

Persistent cough, lowering high body temperature, curing strong headache… onion will help cure many diseases naturally. Whether onion is consumed raw or as part of a salad, it is always present at our table. In addition, we are about to present folk remedies with onions that will help you ... read more

Protein Coating That Helps Against Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the most prevalent dermatoses, which is characterized by erythema-papules-squamous changes with characteristic localization, but sometimes covers all the skin. Arthropathy is developed in some patients too. Factors that can contribute for this disease occurrence: – Physical factors – injuries,radiation – Infections – usually viral – ... read more

Recipe: How To Get Rid Of The Annoying Candida?

When someone mentions Candida, we immediately think of a tough-to-get-rid-of infection that rightfully we can say is a nightmare for the female genital tract. Although Candida can appear in almost every woman, there are groups of people who are at increased risk, such as: – Diabetics – Pregnant women ... read more

Russian Folk Recipe: Treat Hemorrhoids Within A Week

As a result of modern lifestyle, one of the most common health problems that appear is hemorrhoids. Unhealthy diet, pregnancy, hereditary tendency, constipation and not being physically active are the main factors for hemorrhoid occurrence.  All these factors can cause increased pressure on the veins located in the rectum ... read more