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Time For Natural Health Care

Protein Coating That Helps Against Psoriasis


Psoriasis is one of the most prevalent dermatoses, which is characterized by erythema-papules-squamous changes with characteristic localization, but sometimes covers all the skin. Arthropathy is developed in some patients too.

Factors that can contribute for this disease occurrence:

– Physical factors – injuries,radiation

– Infections – usually viral

– Stress situations

Symptoms vary, depending on the localization, the nature and size of the lesions.

Fold treatment against psoriasis

Thin membrane inside the shell of the egg has been used as a remedy for psoriasis for centuries.

When you break a fresh egg, carefully remove the membrane under the skin and try not to tear it.

Then, place the membrane, with its sticky side, on the part of the skin that is affected by psoriasis.

Let it act until it falls off by itself.

With regular use of this protein coating you will successfully cure psoriasis.