15-Year-Old Puts Cancer Industry To Shame: Develops 100% Accurate Cancer Test Using Google



A teenager from Crown’s Ville, Maryland has, for the first time, invented a genius technique for detection of deadly cancer killing many people each year.  His name is Jack Andraka, and he is the new teenage. Hats off to this genius, he saved many people from dying due to Pancreatic Cancer.

He felt the need for this invention when he lost his friend to Cancer. His close friend died because of Pancreatic cancer at a young age that broke his heart. He decided to ease the misery of many people by inventing this technique.

Some tests are also performed at the hospitals to diagnose Pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, these tests are almost 60 years old while Pancreatic Cancer is still the fourth leading cause of mortality in the world. The major reason for this many deaths is the late Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

Jack Andraka gave a thought on how to develop a technique that can diagnose Pancreatic Cancer at an early stage. The teenager surprisingly succeeded in creating a test that diagnoses Pancreatic Cancer.

For this purpose, he utilized the information available on Wikipedia and Google. This intellectually minded teenage developed a test that takes only 5 minutes to answer at an expense of 3 cents.

This is an incredible invention by a boy who is so young because the medical industry was not successful at detection of this test for centuries. Moreover, this test is cheaper than any of the tests used to diagnose Pancreatic cancer. It can be considered a great discovery and advantage for the Cancer industry. Hats off to this genius, he saved many people from dying due to Pancreatic Cancer.