RED ALERT: This Is How You Spot HARMFUL Bleach And Chemical Laden Garlic From China



Garlic is one of the richest herb-food we know of. But that doesn’t mean that the garlic that we are eating is healthy. In fact, most of the garlic we are consuming, including the one used in restaurants comes from China.

If you want to lead a healthy life and avoid foods containing chemicals, it is time you said NO to the garlic coming from China.

The Epoch Times reports that almost 64,900 tons of chilled, fresh and dried garlic was imported from China last year. In other words, a third of our garlic is coming from China.

When it comes to quality control, China has a big problem. Most of the farmers there grow garlic using chemicals which are harmful and banned.

Epoch Times reports that a magazine reporter investigated the farms under cover and was surprised to see that the vegetable farmers there were using parathion and phorate. These pesticides have been banned by both the governments. The farmers used these pesticides for saving effort and time.

Both phorate and parathion are from a class of extremely toxic poisons.

Pollution is another factor that interferes with the quality of garlic. The soil there is highly toxic, which makes the garlic a major concern for your health.

According to a 2014 report from the government, almost a fifth of the soil in China is contaminated with heavy metals such has arsenic and cadmium. Besides, there are harmful amounts of fertilizers and pesticides in the soil.

According to the Epoch Times, because of extreme pollution levels, all the main rivers in China contain high levels of industrial chemicals and waste from households.

So How to Tell the Garlic is from China?

You must avoid any garlic that is from China. It has lots of bleach and other hazardous chemicals that could have a direct/indirect impact on your health.

How to choose healthy garlic?

  • Make sure the garlic has stems and roots. The garlic from China does not have stems and roots and they don’t weigh much which is done for easier shipping.
  • The taste of natural garlic from California has a much better taste.
  • Garlic from China is light and small. Look for bulbous and heavier garlic.
  • It will be best to get your healthy garlic from the local farmer. You can also grow in your home:


Source: Healthy And Natural Life

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