10 Incredible Facts Why Hydrogen Peroxide Should Be In Every Home



It is always reasonable to keep some hydrogen peroxide in your home for cleaning cuts. Do you know that you can also use it for another 10 purposes that you never thought of?

If you know about these uses of hydrogen peroxide, you will want to have several bottles at home. It is always economical to have so many uses of this single product. Find out what these different benefits for both your health and home.

1. Fighting Cold

Use just 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears whenever you feel of an upcoming cold. It can be helpful in fighting the illness. It helps because the nose, ear and throat are all connected. So when hydrogen peroxide enters your ears, it also reaches these places.

2. Teeth Whitening

Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and you will get a toothpaste that helps in whitening your teeth. You could also put some hydrogen peroxide into mouth for swishing it around in the mouth and then spit.

3. Treating Athlete’s Foot

After you have exercised, spray some hydrogen peroxide over your feet. This will help kill bacteria that could cause athlete’s foot. If you are already suffering from it, soak your feet in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide in water. It will help in faster recovery.

4. Fighting Bacterial Diseases

It is claimed that if you inhale 3% hydrogen peroxide using a sprayer, it can help in treating problems like common cold. But it should not be sprayed directory into your nostrils.

5. Treating Candida

If you have an infection due to Candida (a yeast), you must know that it cannot thrive in an environment rich in oxygen. Thus, treating it with hydrogen peroxide will help in getting rid of it.

6. Removing Stains

You can remove stains using hydrogen peroxide, but be careful because it is capable of bleaching your clothes. If you have tough stains such as chocolate or grass stains, it can be highly effective in removing them.

7. Eliminate Odors

If you want to remove odors from objects, create a mixture of essential oils and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Use it to mist over the object. You will soon find that the smell is gone almost instantly.

8. Whitening Fabric

If you have dingy fabrics, just apply some hydrogen peroxide on them and they will look like they have been bleached or treated with a whitening product. Those products being sold out there are also the same thing being put in a bottle and labeled with a different name. The hydrogen peroxide bottle will also give you the same results.

9. Cleaning Toothbrush

Your toothbrush can accumulate a lot of germs even if it looks clean. Soak it in hydrogen peroxide t killed the germs it has accumulated from the bathroom. Rinse it fully before you use it again.

10. Cleaning Difficult Pots & Pans

If the pots and pans have difficult stains, put them in hydrogen peroxide and water solution for 2 hours. Clean them using soap but wearing gloves. Most of the stains will be removed from the pots. They will no longer be hard to scrub.

With so many uses, you should make the most of hydrogen peroxide by keeping a bottle or two in your home.

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