Woman Stuns Doctors by Healing Her Own Cancer. These Are The Fruits That Helped Her



Imagine if you were told in your early thirties that you are in stage 4 of cancer. It would turn your world upside down. This is what happened to Candice Mare Fox, but instead of being pushed down by her condition, she took steps that even amazed her doctors. She was 31 when was diagnosed and found to have thyroid cancer. She was found to have it in stage 4 and her doctors told her 5 years are the most she could live.

It was in 2011, and she found a lump on top of the collar bone. Later doctors diagnosed it to be thyroid cancer. She started treatments, but it kept spreading to her other organs.

Unfortunately, Candice had already seen two close friends die from the disease. She had found one thing about cancer that it was not the disease that actually killed her friends. It was the treatments!

Even when she saw that her cancer was spreading after the initial treatment, she decided that she will not be continuing with the chemotherapy. She did her study on the treatment and despite what her doctors said, she declined to continue further and cause any more harm to her body.

She started her own natural treatment. She took 3 pineapples daily. To this she also added the following fruits:

– Lemons

– Apples

– Grapefruit

– Papaya

– Kiwi

– Bananas

And then she stopped taking any kind of animal proteins. It was 6 months and when she went for her checkup, her doctors were stunned. She had no more cancer. Her stage 4 cancer had simply vanished and she was declared to be “cancer free”.

Candice said that she starved her cancer to destroy it. According to her, the bromelain found in the fruits pineapple, papaya and kiwi helps in destroying cancer’s protein layer. On the other hand, animal proteins work as food for cancer. When she was eating heavy meals containing these proteins, her body’s energy was focused on ingesting the food. This left the body with no energy to heal itself. She says that she consumed lots of fruits to protect herself against the cancer. She was given 5 years but she eliminated the disease in just 6 months. She says that after her research she was also motivated to show the doctors that she could treat herself. Many times she took nothing else but fruits for 7 days of the week.

Science also supports the capability of bromelain in ‘eating’ up cancer cells. It is not only the fruits that she added to her life, she took many other steps. She removed the use of chemicals from her lifestyle. This included:

– All cosmetics

– Quitting smoking

– Household cleaning products

– She also reduced stress from her life

According to her, chemicals, animal-origin products and stress, all feed cancer cells.

Candice claims that diet is the biggest factor that helps in destroying cancer. Nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive attitude are big factors. She also says spirituality has an important role to play.

Candice’s is another story in the long list of people who have treated themselves of cancer without taking to the claims of the conventional cancer treatment industry. Do you have any reason why you shouldn’t be taking this diet even before you have any kind of cancer?



Source: Healthy Food House