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Time For Natural Health Care

What Kind Of Diseases Do The Acne Suggest On Different Parts Of The Body



Acne that occurs on the face and body, at certain areas, may tell us a lot about our overall health.

Reading the signs is very simple. Locations in different areas indicate to different health problems.

In addition you will find how to decode the basic problems of the body.

Zone 1: Hormones

Pimples that appear on the chin and neck indicate that you have a problem with the adrenal gland, but the reason for their appearance can also be a stressful and excessive consumption of sugar.

Zone 2 and 3: Stress

The appearance of acne in the area of shoulders is a sign that you are overloaded with reduced immunity. Reduce the tempo, find free time and relax!

Zone 4: Digestive system

Pimples in his chest area are commonly an alarm that something is wrong with the digestion system or that you exaggerate with unhealthy diet. Change your diet and acne will soon disappear.

Zone 5 and 6: Vitamin level

In this case it is a lack of vitamins. It is recommended to consume vitamin pills because many studies have shown that artificial vitamins do not have the same effect as vitamins you get from fruits and vegetables.

Zone 7: Sugar level in the blood

When acne occurs on the stomach, it is usually due to high levels of sugar in the blood. Cut the white sugar and white bread from your diet. Also, eat more vegetables and fruits and the acne will disappear soon.

Zone 8: Hygiene or STD

Poor hygiene is the main cause of acne occurrence in this area. But even worse is the case of warts, which are a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases, especially if you have the itching sensation. Visiting a physician is mandatory.

Zone 9 and 10: Skin problems and allergies

Acne on the hips and upper legs are most often caused due to cosmetics or detergents reactions. The lower legs acne usually occurs as a consequence of shaving or waxing. Be careful what products you use.

Zone 11 and 12: Nervous and digestive system

Consuming too much high-calorie food is the reason for acne occurrence in this area.

Zone 13 and 14: Digestive system problems

Acne occurring in this area are also a sign of problems with the digestive system or consuming too much unhealthy food.

Next time you notice acne on any part of the face and body, see the map of the body and find out what you are dealing with.


Source: homehealthyrecipes