Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Green Smoothie, First Choice Of Celebrities – Great For Improving Immunity And Reducing Body Weight



Green juices and shakes are an absolute hit in the world for several years. Although at first look they do not seem tasty, their positive effects will get you to love them. Almost all celebrity women have practiced the smoothie as a daily habit, and most of the slender ladies credit this specialty for their attributes.

It is juice made from green, leafy vegetables and little fruit.

The ingredients possess beneficial effects on people struggling with overweight, high cholesterol or lack of energy, as green leafy vegetables contain large amounts of iron.

Recipe worth of trying:

– 5 freshly clean kale leaves

– 1 peeled lemon

– Cleaned apple

– 2,5 cm long ginger root

– Several leaves of fresh mint

Method of preparation:

Put all abovementioned ingredients in a blender with 120 ml of cold water. Mix the ingredients well until you get homogeneous thick resulting mixture.

You can consume this beverage instead of midday snack and it can also be great replacement for breakfast.