Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

This Russian Folk Remedy Will Improve Your Circulation, Improve Your Liver’s Work And It Also Prevent Cancer


We are talking about sunflower seed tea. Sunflower seed tea is old recipe which has been used for a long time in Russia. By regularly consuming this tea you will be able to get rid of tingling in hands and feet, which is a sign of poor circulation. It can also help when it comes to improving liver and bone health, improving sight and improving muscle and hair’s health. Many people believe this tea is great tool for preventing cancer and it also help in reducing level of bad cholesterol.

Thanks to antioxidants contained in these seeds, the tea can even soothe inflammation and successfully fight insomnia because sunflower seeds are considered to be great natural sedative.

The tea is easily prepared. All you need is sunflower seeds and water. Make sure you are using raw seeds. Pour boiling water over them, cover the bowl you are using and let the mixture stand still for half an hour.

Drink one cup of this tea in the morning on an empty stomach and enjoy its great taste.