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Time For Natural Health Care

Ancient Chinese Garlic Based Remedy – Recipe


In this article we are about to present you 2000 years old recipe, found in a Tibetan monastery.

This remedy will help you eject fatty and calcified deposits, improve the process of exchange of substances in the body and elasticity of blood vessels, prevent sclerosis, apoplexy, stroke and tumor occurrence. It will also improve your sight and it stops tinnitus.

Also, if you regularly use this recipe, it can rejuvenate your whole organism.

In addition we will present the recipe.

Ingredients needed:

– 350 grams of garlic

– 300 ml of 96% alcohol

– 50 ml of milk

Method of preparation:

Clean, peel and then finely mash the garlic. Add the alcohol and tightly close the bowl you are using. Let the mixture stand still for 10 days in cold area. After 10 days, strain the mixture through gauze.

You can start the process of healing after 2 or 3 days by mixing the resulting garlic mixture with the milk (which should be room temperature). Consume the remedy in the following way.


Take 25 drops of the resulting mixture three times a day. Repeat this procedure until you run out of the remedy.

It is recommendable for the therapy to be repeated after 5 years.