Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Skin Color Indicates What You Suffer From


When you look in the mirror, you can learn what the overall picture of your body is. If you notice some irregularities, perhaps it is time to pay attention to your health.

1. Gray color – If this color occurs on your face it means your blood lacks oxygen, which may be caused by tuberculosis, an inflammation of the lungs, or sometimes pre heart attack condition.

Also, the skin may turn gray because of some inflammation of the small intestine due to some fungi and bacteria.

2. Swollen skin under the eyes and dark purple eye circles – indicate that you intake salt too much, which stimulates cracking of capillaries and retention (swelling).


3. Darken tan without sunbathing – this is a sign of hereditary disorders – hemochromatosis, which is characterized by excessive accumulation in the body.
4. Bluish tan – This color indicates to lead poisoning. This may also be a consequence of diseased liver, pancreas or spleen.


5. Rash with painful blisters – usually appear on the knees, back, elbows and buttocks and indicates allergic reaction to gluten.


6. Cracked lips – The most common sign of a lack of vitamins of the group B – vitamin B6, riboflavin and niacin.