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Time For Natural Health Care

Simple Massage To Remove Nodes In The Back


Surely, at some point of your life, you have experienced strong and breakthrough pain in the neck, shoulders or back, that prevented even the smallest movement and caused you difficulties in the work.

Sometimes these pains arise due to a bad position while sleeping, at work or during a training which creates small lumps muscle accompanied by severe pain.

These lumps or knots in the muscles are actually muscle fibers stuck in contraction that cannot be relaxed. When touched these points, you can notice that the nodes’ size can vary from tiny grain to the size of a thumb, depending on the size of the muscle.

The commonest reasons and causes for muscle nodes occurrence:

stress caused by bad position – sitting in the unpleasant position without adequate support for too long, as well as improperly raising something heavy and carrying it the same way

accident– acute trauma, due to falls or sports injuries

excessive stimulation – strenuous exercise and various sports activities, especially lifting weights

If you often have to deal with such knots in the muscles of the neck, shoulders or back while lifting weights, you probably have bad posture or you do improper exercise. Try seeking professional advice so you can properly perform the exercises in the future.

How to treat muscle nodes that have already occurred?

If you are bothered by knots in muscles, use ball for massage, but if you do not own one, a tennis ball or baseball will serve you good too.


Set the ball to the sore spot and rely on a flat wall or lie on the floor and move your body with custom, controlled movements and thus massage the area occupied by the node.

You should especially pay attention to the fact that usually the painful spot might not always be the place of the node. This is why you need to do a little research by touching in order to accurately locate the node i.e. the correct source of the pain.

Use a massager or a ball two or three times a day until the pain relented. This process usually takes a few days to a week, depending on the size of the node and intensity of self-massage.

Once you remove a node, there is no guarantee that it will not repeat, so it is good to continue the massage in the following few days, to prevent its re-creation.