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Once You Read This Article You Will Never Ask For Ice In Your Drink


There is no better refreshment in the hot summer days than beverage full of ice. But no matter how tempting iced beverage sounds, precisely those cubes hide not exactly pleasant facts about what can be found in their composition.


Mold, which is often found in ice machines, is the biggest problem. It occurs when the freezer or ice machine often opens and closes. This way places with high humidity encourage proliferation of fungi and mold.

Mold and Candida remnants can be found in even 10 percent of the ice.


Only a minimum amount of contaminated water is enough for the whole ice to be contaminated. Those are often small amounts of microorganisms that can cause major health problems, but in some samples were also found E. coli, listeria and helicobacter.

If you make your own ice, wash the ice mold after each use, then dry it and use it again. Practice this in order to reduce the possibility of contagion.


Many people are not aware of poor hygiene and the dangers it brings. In the United States a 15-year-old boy died after being infected by contaminated ice cubes.

If the one who makes your drink, or put ice in your glass, has not washed his hands after visiting the toilet, you probably would not notice it and you will not be aware of the danger found on ice cubes while you drink your drink.

Source: www.goodmorningcenter.com