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Time For Natural Health Care

Salt Water Coating – Acts Within 5 Minutes Against Headache And Swollen Legs!


We are talking about a plain saline solution that will help you get rid of the headache, normalize blood pressure and will also eliminate swelling in the feet and legs in very short time!

Solution against headache – Recipe:

First of all, prepare some sort of coating using gauze or thin cotton fabric.

Fold the gauze in 8 layers and make the width corresponds according to your forehead. Also make sure the length is sufficient in order to cover the head.

Then, heat 250 ml of water to 60 degrees and add 2 flat teaspoon of salt in it in order to be dissolved.

This way you will get 8% saline solution.

Way of use:

Soak the gauze in the saline solution, drain it, shake it slightly in order to cool a bit and then wrap your forehead, neck and ears with it.

Place a cotton headscarf on your head in order to fix the coating.

You will feel relief within several minutes.

But, even though the pain disappears you need to lie down for 15 more minutes.

After removing the coating, wash the forehead, neck and ears with warm water.

How does it work?

Perhaps the imported quantity of salt in the body causes swelling, but the powerful salt solution on the skin acts completely the opposite.

The saline solution acts as a diuretic and stimulates the excretion of fluids from the body.

You will get rid of swollen legs in similar way.

Saline solution against swollen legs

Prepare the saline solution in the following way:

Dissolve 500 grams of salt in 5 liters of cold water.

Soak soft towel in this solution, drain it a little and place it onto the lumbar back (cross) for around 15 minutes.

Repeat this procedure regularly every evening for 10 straight days.

The swellings will reduce even after the very first treatment.