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Time For Natural Health Care

Here Is How To Get Rid Of Acne On The Back For Good


Acne on the back is relatively common problem that come across both women and men. Dermatologists reveal the five most common causes of this unpleasant phenomenon and advise how to permanently get rid of them.

1. Diet

Avoid fast food and unhealthy food. All that is good for the heart is good for the skin as well.

Solution: Your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables. Drink enough water, because it is highly important for health and brightness of the skin.

2. Products that close pores

The occurrence of acne on the back can be caused by greasy body milk, cream or suntan oil massage.

Solution: Use a cream which is not greasy by its structure. Use lotion rather than cream because it contains less oil, and if you want to go to a massage, ask the masseuse to use lotion or gel during the treatment.

3. Genetic Preference

If the majority of your family is prone to acne, do not be surprised if you get them too.

Solution: Use showering products which contain benzyl – peroxide (read the composition of the products).

4. Clothing that irritates the skin

This advice applies especially to the clothes in which you exercise. If you exercise wearing synthetic materials, there are greater chances of acne occurrence, because of hardened work of your body to regulate body heat.

5. Make peeling

In order to prevent acne occurrence on the back, you must regularly take care of the skin on the back as well as on the face.

Solution: Make peeling on the entire back, using sea salt, twice a week. After that, the skin will be very soft and soothe. Please make sure all products you have applied to the back, must be adapted to all types of skin.