Purina Sued For Allegedly Killing 4,000 Dogs With ‘Toxic’ Food


If you are a dog lover then this may be of interest to you. That dog food you have at home may just be toxic enough to harm your household pet.

Nestle’s – Purina Beneful a popular dog food brand is facing a class action lawsuit. The claim is that this dog brand is responsible for the severe health problems and death in over 3,000 dogs across the United States.

There has been reports from consumers about this dog food brand and how it has caused dog owners regular trips to the local veterinarian. It may be time you consider other alternatives to feeding your pet. Like actually feeding them with real food rather than processed products.

Why is this brand so bad?

Purina Beneful is said to cause dogs to have internal bleeding, incontinence, seizures and liver malfunction. It is believed that the product’s components may be responsible for this. Two ingredients in particular have been identified.

1. Propylene: A chemical used in antifreeze has been approved by FDA in the production of dog food and other products like cake mixes and salad dressing. While this chemical is not as toxic as ethylene glycol which is what is currently used in antifreeze, it is still a chemical and constitutes a danger to dogs that have to consume them. It is interesting to note that propylene glycol based products have been banned in Europe.

2. Mycotoxins: Dog food consists of large amounts of grain and obtained from different suppliers, if the grains are not properly stored they can become contaminated with toxins. With liver failure mentioned in the law suit it is possible that the grains used in the preparation of the food were contaminated with mycotoxins. Poor testing and irregular execution of strict regulations on large corporations have made way for the quality of standards to be dropped or poorly managed. It is therefore possible that Purina Beneful and probably other dog foods have mycotoxins.


So what’s the way forward?

You may consider homemade dog food as a waste of time and effort especially if it is much easier going to your local store and buying dog food. Remembering the problems highlighted you may just be moving from the fry pan to the fire if you think changing brands is the solution.

The cost of frequent visits to your veterinarian and the agony of watching your dog suffer or even worse die should outweigh the time you put in to ensure that your pet gets a good balance of healthy food free from harmful preservatives and chemicals.

What do you recommend?

– Always check the ingredients in your dog food

– Ensure that you always avoid animal by-products, excessive grains, sugar, and preservatives

– Preparing your dog’s food at home ensures that you feed them a balanced diet of whole foods free from chemicals or preservatives

– Try this homemade dog cuisine – You can mix raw, organic vegetables and organic, grass fed ground meat like beef or bison in a food processor

– You can also use a variation of vegetables (avoid onions) and you can also add extras like eggs or avocado

– Note that if your dog’s health is not the best, then homemade food can help improve its health.