Time For Natural Health Care
Time For Natural Health Care

Natural Remedy Against Headache: Salty Lemonade


During headache, many reach for a pill in order to prevent the problem. However, with the increased use of pills you can only create new problems.

As much as pills help, they can harm the body as well. This is due their consistence of various chemicals with strong action.

Headache can hamper the normal functioning and to be very uncomfortable.

Instead of immediately reaching for the pills, prepare natural remedy which will help you get rid of headache without any detrimental effect.

Ingredients needed:

– 2 lemons

– Sea salt

– Filtered water

Method of preparation:

Squeeze the juice of the lemons and mix it with the same amount of filtered water. Add little bit of sea salt and some ice cubes if you want to.

This drink is amazing cure for headache. After you drink it, it will immediately make you feel better. It is all thanks to the sea salt, which when combined with lemon contain enough electrolytes and minerals that raise energy level. This mixture removes pain, balances your body’s serotonin levels and strengthens the immune system.