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Time For Natural Health Care

Four Important Things About Urine You Need To Know


Did you know that urine color says lot about your temporary overall health?

If you want to save your health, read these four very important things about urine:

1. 80% of people urinate seven times a day

Of course, it depends on the amount of entered food and drinks, so, small deviations are not a big problem – claims known urologist at the Medical University of New York.

2. Healthy person should urinate for 7 seconds

If your urination takes only two seconds, even if you feel like you need to urinate immediately, it is very likely for you to have infections. In such a case, the best thing to do is consulting your doctor.

3. The bladder of adult can with stand 300 to 500 ml of urine

Height in humans plays no role when it comes to the size of the bladder. This organ is almost the same in all people. If you ever wondered how much it is measured in cups – it is about 7 to 11 cups.

4. Urine color says lot about your health

– Pale yellowish: You drink enough water, keep up your habit!

– Transparent: This is great news! Your body is well hydrated. However, you may exaggerate the water intake.

– Dark yellow: Dark urine color means you are dehydrated. If your urine has come to the point of being with honey color, you immediately must start drinking water and in greater quantity.

– Brown: There is a high possibility of having serious liver infection. You are maybe having blood in the urine.

– Red or pink: This is a worrying signal which can mean that something serious is happening in your body. There is a possibly you have kidney stones or cancer. Of course, if you are not drinking colored drinks such as beets juice.

– Blue, green, orange or any other color: It is unlikely that this is a consequence of entering a colored grocery. It has to be consequence of a supplement or possibly artificial food dyes.