Man’s Body Packed Full Of Worms After Eating Sushi



Sushi is a popular fish. It is most preferred seafood now a days. People love eating Sushi for its good taste. The delicious taste of Sushi is the effort of a good chef. Not all of the cooks can cook Sushi in a hygienic manner. You may be one of those who like to have Sushi in lunch or dinner very often. If it is the truth, you should dig in the matter of its preparation. If the Sushi is not prepared and cooked in the proper hygienic manner, you may end up getting serious diseases. These diseases are usually found in Chinese men who eat Sushi usually.

What Disease can Sushi Cause?

The problems that can arise after eating an unhygienicically prepared Sushi are many.

We will discuss one example of a Chinese man who had complaint of indigestion and skin irritation. The problems had suddenly occurred after eating a Sashimi dish. The doctor advised some tests to find out what was happening with the Chinese man.

The fish that he ate had eggs of parasites. The parasites spread into his body because he ate the Sashimi full of parasites and its eggs. The worms were found in his gut and all body parts.

The doctor told him that he has the parasitic infection known as Diphyllobothriasis, This infection occurs on eating undercooked fish.

The causative organism is called diphyllobothrium. The results are horrific. The parasite can multiply in your body and can cause deleterious health effects like :

– Malnutrition

– Weakness

– Insomnia

– Diarrhea

– Dizziness

– Jaundice

– Abdominal discomfort

You may get this infection by eating Sushi if it is undercooked. The worms can spread through blood to literally any organs and start dividing there. The parasite can also invade brain tissue and cause madness. When brain function is lost, it can also result in death.

The parasites that get entry in your body through the undercooked fish are extremely harmful for health. Scientific proves and individual case reports are available that support this truth that eating undercooked Sushi can cause Parasite infection.