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10 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again



With almost 1.5 million people being diagnosed with tumors last year, you cannot afford to ignore the big cause behind these cases of cancer. You least expect your food to be something that could be the underlying cause. Here are 10 foods which you are taking and you never knew that they are considered to be cancer-causing agents with malignancy factors by the scientific community.

1. Processed Meat

Have you wondered what our processed meats have in them? We eat all sorts of processed meats including bacon, wieners, and frankfurters, and our luncheon can often contain pimento chunk or bologna. According to a study published in the BMC Medicine, the high levels of chemicals and exorbitant salts contained in processed meats are extremely harmful to our body.

According to the researchers who conducted this study, 1 out of every 17 subjects who took 160 g or more of processed meats increased their risk of death by more than 44% within a duration of 12 years. This benchmark was set against those who took just 20g or less of meat.

The study spanned across 13 years and the subjects hailed from 10 EU countries.

2. Farmed Salmon

We all have always seen fish to be among the healthiest of all foods. But farmed salmon doesn’t fall into that category. You must avoid it as much as possible. It is most concerning that almost 60% of salmon that we eat in the US is farmed.

In these farms, unnatural feed is given to the fish. Besides, the controlled environment is highly contaminated with pesticides, antibiotics and various chemicals, all of which are known carcinogens. Because these fish are grown in smaller and crowded areas, they can have 30 times more sea lice compared to salmon found in their natural habitat.

The typical red-pink color on farmed salmon also has a secret. Chemicals! The color comes naturally in the fish but the change in diet, farmed salmon doesn’t have the natural color. Farmed salmon is fed on chicken litter diet.

 3. Pop

You might have come across the study that was published in the American Journal of Nutrition some time ago. It reported that those who drank just more than 1 pop a day were at very high risk of stroke compared to those who drank soft drinks.

Soft drinks are loaded with sugar. All the calories not only increase your weight, they also make you stout. You will be consuming processed sugar that spikes glucose levels in the body. This could further cause insulin resistance and irritation.

Pop has mostly been found to be behind gastro-esophageal reflux. This condition involves spilling of the contents in our stomach to the throat. This causes burning sensation on the throat due to the corrosive acids found in the stomach.

4. Microwave Popcorn

It is easy to make those tasty popcorns in the microwave. But most of us don’t know how hazardous these popcorns could be to our health. Those popcorn packs themselves have linings of perfluorooctanoic corrosive (PFOA).  It is the same poison that has been found in Teflon.

According to a study conducted recently at the University of California, this substance has been found to be linked to female infertility. Several other studies involving both human and animal subjects show that PFOA can increase the risk of cancers of the bladder, kidneys, pancreas, testicles and liver. More information about PFOA and its cancer-causing properties can be found at cancer.org.

Most of the manufacturers use slightly different fixings in popcorns. Most will use soybean oil which is a GMO product along with various additives. Propyl gallate is an additive which has been associated with skin rashes and stomach problems. Currently, these manufacturers don’t mention on the label that they are using GMO corn. This is because the law doesn’t force them to print it on the label.

It doesn’t matter whether they are using GMO corn or not. But you can be almost assured that these companies are not using natural corn.

Popcorn also has a synthetic in it, which is known as diacetyl. Conagra Foods used this toxic combination in its product, which was later exposed and it lost its brand image. ACT was found to be the cause behind lung problems in the people working in the production facility.

5. Canned Tomatoes

Most of the canned foods are of concern because the cans are mostly lined with various substances. These linings are mostly made from BPA (bisphenol-An).

According to a study published in the National Proceeding Academy of Sciences (May 2013), BPA was found to affect the cerebral function in rats. Even the FDA has raised questions on the use of BPA. The seriousness of BPA’s toxic effects can be determined from the point that it has even raised questions from an otherwise ‘sleeping’ FDA.

6. Processed White Flour

There is no good reason for consuming white flour. It could be causing more damage than any good to your health. When grains are refined, it destroys most of their nutrient content. Modern processing involves the use of dyeing flour using chlorine.

According to the EPA, chlorine gas is a harmful substance, which can be fatal when taken in large amounts. Processed white flour has a high glycemic index. So its consumption can increase your glucose and insulin levels. Repetitive consumption of this type of flour can also cause diabetes.

You should know that tumors in our body will need sugars to thrive. So avoid refined grains like processed white flour. This will help in starving tumors which will help preventing them from surviving.

7. Potato Chips

We all know how tasty potato chips could be. We can munch on tons of them. But there is no limit to the amount of negative impact they can have on our bodies. There is no point in enjoying the great taste at the cost of our health.

Potato chips contain high amount of fats and calories. This means it is so easy to put on weight with them. According to a study published in the New England Journal, taking just 1 oz. of the chips daily will increase your weight by an average of 2 pounds every year. They are loaded with transfats that have been known for increasing cholesterol levels. Then there are very high levels of sodium which has been associated with high blood pressure.

8. GMO

GMO’s or Genetically Modified Organisms are the foods which have been treated with various types of chemicals. They are sourced from crops that have been raised on chemicals.

Dr. Pusztai of the Rowett Institute, Scotland conducted a study on rats. They were given GMO foods comprising mostly of potatoes.  The researcher noticed that there was significant development of malignant cells in the rats, especially in the liver and brain in as short as a period of 10 days.

Most Americans believe that GMOs are approved by the FDA and we can trust these foods. The facts are however entirely different. The FDA doesn’t have any kind of testing mechanism for GMOs. They have not conducted any conclusive studies to ascertain the effects of GMOs. The only study involving human subjects showed that the products interfered with the human DNA, especially related to our digestive system. But the FDA didn’t take any stand even after the studies.

It would not be wrong to say that we are nothing less than guinea pigs for these corporations to test their food products. It is frightening that most of the grains today, including wheat, corn and soybeans, are developed using GMOs.

9. Refined Sugar

It is always recommended to avoid all foods which are processed. On the same lines, you should also avoid refined sugars. They will increase your insulin levels and create the ideal conditions for the development and survival of malignant cells.

According to scientists, most diseases have been found to thrive in ‘sugary’ environments. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving to the world that tumors and malignant cells require sugars for sustenance and growth. Studies have shown time and again that diseased cells will multiply on fructose-based sweeteners such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This is because growing cells find it easier to metabolize HFCS.

The medical community sees HFCS as a very bad addition to our diet. These types of refined sugars are found in cakes, soft drinks, pies, grains, treats, sauces and juices. The consumption of such food is considered to be one of the main reasons why so many diseases are increasing currently.

 10. Artificial Sweeteners

Most of us are taking high amounts of artificial sweeteners. It is important to avoid them without concern whether we are diabetic or not. There are endless number of studies that prove that those who take more of these sweeteners, such as espresso sweeteners and soft drinks, will gain weight.

If you are diabetic, these sweeteners can make it even more difficult for you to keep control over your glucose levels. They can also worsen other diseases which originate from diabetes. Many times diabetics suffer from shivers after taking aspartame. This is usually taken as insulin response, which it is not.

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