How To Put Coconut Oil On Your Hair To Stop It From Thinning Or Falling Out



Besides being used as an ingredient in so many dishes world-wide, coconuts have a profound effect on the overall look and health of hair. It has been incorporated into commercially produced products with huge sales effects and when in good quality great hair development results.

Initially used only in regions of the world where the coconut tree thrives, this natural remedy to plenty of unpleasant hair conditions has found its way into the rest of the world is spinning heads with great results.

Some of the note-worthy benefits of keeping a bottle of coconut oil on the wait in your inventory involve the ones illustrated below:

1. Fragrance – when mixed with almost any hair foundation chemical, it quickly over-powers the chemical sting and a sweet fruity scent takes over. Because of this, a lot of ethers have been synthesized to bring the edible smell that says ‘I am safe’ to many hair products.

2. Scalp healing – when the hair is chemically treated to become relaxed with acid based chemicals, sometimes the scalp can be cracked and scared leaving boils and blemishes. Coconut oil has the ability to work from deep inside the scalp epidermis and heal hair growing sells as well as generate skin to cover the damaged areas.

3. Fragmenting hair. – When hair ends start splitting, early application of coconut based remedies, be they d.i.y or store bought can stop the process and bring back good body to the hair.

4. Relieve dry hair – hair that is growing on a terribly dry scalp is vulnerable to a lot of damage factors and application of coconut oil based home remedies usually provides a protective surface to avoid hair loss and scalp cracking.

5. Infestation protection – when the scalp cracks, a lot of surface area emerges and makes the head vulnerable to lice infestation. If already infested, healing of the scalp and general increase of the hair makes it inhabitable to lice. Also, the oil in coconuts has acid mild to the scalp but inhabitable to ant parasites.

6. Tone replenishing. – Sometimes the nutrition requirements of strong color filled strands of hair is not met, vitamins contained in coconut oil and lavender extracts will graft missing roots and bring original texture to hair.

7. Style enhancing. – Due to the oil’s small difference between melting and freezing points, one can apply it while molten and style their hair as desired, then freeze the state to get a fashionable static form.

8. Moisturizing effect. – Because the molten oil locks in water from evaporating through the scalp, it can be used to keep the hair cool and moisturized. Protecting it from inherent damage caused when dry.

9. Anti dandruff – dandruff accumulates when the scalp flakes and get infested with micro-organisms. Causing itchiness and sometimes sores if not taken seriously. Applying coconut based remedies to the hair will prevent the flaking and not facilitate invasions by micro-organisms. This will keep the scalp in-tact and free from dandruff.

10. Cooling effect – Application of coconut oil causes a cooling effect as it absorbs heat from the scalp on contact with body temperatures. This becomes handy when going to the beach or exposing the scalp to harsh hot conditions.

11. Hair growth – your hair will have enough vitamins to grow if you supply it with a regular dose of coconut oil. Usually some of the nutrients in the food you eat are sent to contribute to hair growth, like iron sent to the nails and hair, the hard cells. Specifying nutrients at the hair follicles will have them healthy for longer and you retain most of your hair as you grow older.

12. Staying moist – hair breakage and eventual baldness is a slow process that can be avoided if you rub some coconut oil in your hair.

13. Hair volume – this is the number of hair strands growing per area of scalp. The more care and coconut oil based home remedies or mixtures with castor oil for example will have more hair growing and you can achieve a ‘full head of hair because your hair grows over the entire surface area available to it.

14. Strong hair – when pulled, hair can disintegrate but when it has been conditioned by heated coconut oil and washed off after a long wait it becomes more resistant to tensile forces and can take a tug before breaking. Comes in handy if you have kids.

If you have not been using coconut oil on your hair you can clearly see reasons enough to squeeze some into your products and improve results.



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