Eat This for Breakfast Every Morning and You Will See How The Fat From Your Body Disappears!



Everyone knows how important the first meal of the day is, after eight or so hours of sleep our bodies are drained of the food reserves served the previous night and require a new lot to kick-start the day. If you want to lose weight, you need to watch the breakfast you eat because more than any other meal this meal can change your body shape and generally spell doom or daisies in as far as your health is concerned.

If you follow the recommended health eating habits spread by nutritionist, you probably eat big in the morning and lessen the load as you burn daylight, which is all good but hard if your breakfast is marred with the wrong components.

Say for example you take three adults and feed one with Oatmeal, another with corn flakes and the other you use as a control case and just give them a glass of water to start the day. Clearly the water filled candidate will in not-more than a few minutes to an hour be in need of a snack or proper meal to cope with the demands of daily existence.

The corn flakes loaded candidate, although better than the water drinking specimen would be filled with energy for the first few hours of the day. But, because corn flakes are already pre-processed and contain less fiber to be further broken down after ingestion, research has shown that more snacks would be needed to maintain a comfortable stomach condition – satisfactorily filled and providing energy to the body.

The Oats fed candidate on the other hand exhibited endurance levels remarkably longer than the other two samples. This is because besides having measured the calories in all 3 meals to be of the same amount, the quality of food was worlds apart. Unlike water, oats are more solid and will not be assimilated into the blood to lubricate movement and clean cells as is primarily the need for water. The corn flakes are half processed in relation to oats and they will fill the body with energy as prescribed but the sugar-rush soon spear heads downwards and the body will trigger the need to eat further.

Oats are carbohydrate and fiber based, not much processing goes into the pre-packaged product and this means that the process has to happen when the oats hit the stomach. This means the tummy will be full for longer periods than when filled with water and corn flakes respectively.

Here are the facts that make oats the favorite among most breakfast meals:

Besides being a very delicious meal option, oats can be blended with various other healthy foods and the taste gets amplifies yet maintaining the main reason for not requiring more food once you eat them. This is a very solid reason and you should look up recipes that include oats to revolutionalize your breakfast.

– Eliminate chances of infections along the food passage channel. A lot of research invested in benefits of oats has pointed us to its efficiency when it comes to reducing colon related illnesses and cancerous growths in the gastric chambers.

– You save because you are full for longer periods of time. After eating an oatmeal inclusive breakfast, you need a lot of time to digest the oats into soluble that can be used to fuel the body. This means you don’t have to grab a quick snack that would otherwise set you back on some money.

– Energy from oats is more regulated. If the food is being broken down slowly, this extrapolates the rate of energy release over the amount of digestion time also. Meaning you will be vitalized over longer lengths of time than when you eat semi-processed foods.

– Cholesterol intake control is easier. The test described and decoded above included equal amounts of calories taken during breakfast. If your worry is to reduce daily calorie intake then oats are your friend as they consume the same amount of calories as other measured options but do not require further intake as you are not bothered to eat up until regular lunch hours, which mostly would be less packed with calories due to the inherent feeling of being full.



Source: Your Healthy Page