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Time For Natural Health Care

How To Prepare Walnut Leaf Tea And Why These Leaves Are Healing


Walnut is nature’s priceless gift. Walnut fruits are not the only useful and healing parts of the walnut tree. Its leaves are very useful as well.

In addition to this article you will learn how to prepare walnut leaves tea and why these leaves are healing.

Walnut leaves can be freshly picked for a long period of the year. However if you pick them throughout June you will gain their best properties. You can use walnut leaves for both external and internal treatment, as a coatings or tea. This tea possesses anti-inflammatory properties and acts against persistent fungal and bacterial infections. It is also beneficial when it comes to treating inflamed skin as well as inflammation of the digestive tract and acne.

Walnut leaf tea has the ability to soothe intestinal infection and it also has soothing effect onto acne, which is bog problem especially to younger generations. It can also help in the case of rickets, general weakness, gum bleeding, lichens on the skin and against excessive feet sweating. As we mentioned before, you can use the tea in order to make coatings but remember that tea needs to be completely cooled.

Ingredients needed:

– 2 tablespoons of dried crushed walnut leaves

– 250 ml of water

Method of preparation:

Mix the two ingredients in a pot and place the pot on fire. Cook 5 minutes after the mixture starts boiling. Strain it afterwards.

You can consume the tea 2 to 3 times a day.

Caution: Some people may be too sensitive to this tea, which means symptoms of nausea, vomiting and stomach pain may occur. In case you notice these symptoms after the first cup, stop using the tea.