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Time For Natural Health Care

Honey’s Effect Onto The Organism And Recipes With Honey And Aloe Vera


Honey is rich in carbohydrates. This natural and highly healing product is used against fatigue and organism’s weakness. Thanks to its vitamins and minerals, honey’s nutritional value is on a very high level. Glucose intake gives the body energy and increases the amount of glycogen in the liver, which strengthens liver’s antiseptic role. This way the whole organism becomes more resistant to a variety of infections and toxins.

Honey improves frail people’s hemoglobin quantity in the blood and also compensates lost body weight. Honey can also be beneficial against tuberculosis. However, the commonest way of honey use is in nutrition.

Honey should be scooped with wooden or plastic spoon (you must not use metal spoon because it will lose its nutrients). Make sure you keep it in your mouth as long as possible. You can consume it with tea, milk or juice.

Grownups are recommended to consume 100 grams of honey on a daily basis, while children are recommended to consume 30 to 50 grams of honey per day. It is very beneficial to consume honey during long exhausting diseases, intoxication, during healing process and after a surgery. When it comes to dealing with tuberculosis, folk medicine recommends consuming honey in combination with milk, as well as with different kinds of foods high in calories, such as butter, duck fat etc..

Honey is often used in combination with Aloe Vera juice. Here are few recipes:

 Recipe number 1

Ingredients needed:

– 100 grams of honey

– 100 grams of butter

– 100 grams of duck fat

– 15 grams of Aloe Vera juice

– 100 grams of cocoa

Method of preparation:

Mix all of the above mentioned ingredients and het them. Remember that the resulting mixture should not be boiled.

Consume the resulting remedy in combination with a glass of hot milk, two times a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Recipe number 2

Ingredients needed:

– 150 grams of Aloe Vera juice

– 250 grams of honey

– 350 grams of dry red wine

Method of preparation:

Mix all three ingredients and let the resulting mixture stand still in a dark area, in which the temperature must be from 4 to 8 degrees centigrade, for 5 days. You should consume one teaspoon of this remedy on a daily basis, half an hour before meal.

Recipe number 3

Ingredients needed:

– Make a combination consisted of honey and freshly prepared celery juice. Make sure the ratio between these two ingredients is 1:Consume 2 tablespoon of the resulting mixture three times a day.


The recipes we presented in this article can be used not only by people suffering from tuberculosis but also by exhausted and weak and helpless people who have overcome other serious diseases. Also, the remedies can be used by people who are in need of enhanced nutrition and vitamin supplements.