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Time For Natural Health Care

Homemade Lotion Which Will Help You Get Rid Of Subcutaneous Hair


Many females are facing with this common problem – subcutaneous hair!

Subcutaneous hairs are not dangerous, but represent an aesthetic problem. However, if you neglect them and do not treat them appropriately you should be concerned.

Usually little wounds appear after you try to get rid of them (squeeze them). This is why in this article we will present home lotion made of combination of several essential oils.

Ingredients needed:

– Vaseline or body lotion

– 10 drops of tea tree oil

– 5 drops of incense oil

– 5 drops of lavender oil

Method of preparation:

Add all abovementioned oils in 2-3 teaspoons of Vaseline or body lotion and stir well until you get homogeneous mixture.

Way of use:

Use the resulting mixture to rub subcutaneous areas where hairs appear most often. Do this on a daily on a daily basis.