You Are Bothered By Stomach Acids? Read This Article And Find Out What Can Help You Overcome This Problem



The health of the stomach is closely linked to diet, but also stress. Besides the stomach reacting to what we eat and drink it is also extremely sensitive to the stress and other psychological disorders.

The main task of the stomach is to soften and break down food with its acids and contractions. Food will neutralize the stomach acids. However, when there is no food in the stomach and there is an increased gastric acid secretion due to certain reasons, for example due to stress, it comes to damage of the lining of the stomach.

Stomach acid attacks the stomach and can lead to inflammation (gastritis) and ulcers. Help yourself and your stomach with smart food choices.


When it comes to stomach problems, ginger is extremely effective. It is especially effective when it comes to dealing with acids in the stomach. Consume it as a dietary supplement in soups, salads, meal addition, and even drinks.


Apples are rich in antioxidant substances that defend the body’s cells from free radicals and also help the body to function normal. It has been known since long time ago that apple affects digestion well. Now has been proven that it prevents heartburn.


When it comes to mitigating heartburn almonds are the best. A handful of almond, or 20 almonds, will neutralize stomach acid half an hour after you consume them.

It must also be noted that if you regularly consume almonds you can remove acids forever.


Oats contain numerous minerals, solid fatty acids, carbohydrates and fiber. Because of these properties, oats slow boil, and are a constant source of energy and beneficially influence the overall system of digestion. This means that the acids in the stomach will become distant past.


Source: healthyfoodstar