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Time For Natural Health Care

CAUTION: This Way Sunburns Оccur! (VIDEO)


Did you know that the sun is not what “burns” you skin? – Redness occurs due to the defense mechanism of our body.

Radiation of ultraviolet light causes damage to the DNA of skin cells.

Ultraviolet radiation is divided in three types:

UVA: It has less energy and greater wavelength and thanks to that we get fine complexion.

UVB: This radiation has short-high waves that can cause enough damage to occur burns.

UVC: This radiation has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy, but it does not have major impact on our skin.

When the skin starts to detect UVA radiation the receptors begin to produce special cells called melanocytes, which produce extra melanin and darken skin.

On the other hand, UVB radiation directly damages DNA cells.

If large part of the cells is destroyed it comes to immunological reaction in the form of burns.

Experts recommend regularly applying sunscreen with SPF and avoiding sun exposure between 12 and 17 o’clock.

In addition, watch the video.

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