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Time For Natural Health Care

Several Unhealthy Habits Which You Must Not Do After Meal


Healthy diet is a foundation of healthy and long life. However, you must also pay attention to what you enter in your body after meals.

These are the several habits you must quit doing after meals:

1. Sleeping

Sleeping immediately after meals is not recommended because sleep causes a slowdown in the overall metabolism. When metabolism slows the entire digestive system cannot function normally.

2. Cigarettes

Cigarette after lunch is one of the worst things you can do. The effect of one cigarette after a meal is the same as you smoke ten cigarettes simultaneously.

3. Fruit

If you consume fruit on an empty stomach, it immediately starts to digest and therefore it is recommended as a snack, but consumption of fruit after a heavy meal is not recommended because it stays in the stomach and is hard to digest. In addition, it has a major impact on the appearance of cellulite.

4. Tea

Theine and tannin are essential substances found in tea. Theine has the same chemical composition as caffeine. It binds to iron in the body and makes it difficult for digestion. Therefore, it is best to drink tea one hour before a meal.

5. Physical activity

Heavy physical activity immediately after a meal does not burn calories but it complicates digestion and adversely affects the digestive system.