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Attention: List Of Fruits And Vegetable To Contain The Most Poisons


The world organization “Environmental Working Group – EWG”, publishes lists of fruit and vegetable that contain the most and the least pesticides, every year.

For many years, apples are on the top of this list because they are sprayed before and after harvest, in order to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Several years in a row, on the top of the list of “cleanest” foods is avocado. Pesticides were found in only 1% of the total samples.

According to weight, potato contains the most pesticides. 15 types of pesticides can be found in the average pepper. Peaches, peas, tomatoes and apples, on the other hand contain about 12 different types of pesticides.

In addition you can see which fruits and vegetables have the most and the least pesticides.

  1. List of fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides:

– Apples

– Potatoes

– Peaches

– Tomatoes

– Celery

– Nectarines

– Peas

– Spinach

– Cucumbers

– Strawberries

– Peppers

– Grapes

  1. List of fruits and vegetables with the least pesticides:

– Cabbage

– Cauliflower

– Corn

– Sweet potato

– Purple onion

– Avocado

– Pineapples

– Pears

– Papayas

– Mango

– Kiwi

– Mellon

– Grapefruit

We can notice that fruits and vegetables that are grown in tropical parts of the world are the cleanest and saver to consume.