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You Will Not Believe How Much Hidden Sugar Ketchup Contains

Ketchup closeup

Ketchup closeup

Ketchup is made of tomatoes and variety of vegetables and spices. However, it also contains sugar.

Ketchup is an integral part of every meal for many people. But did you know that your favorite food addition is filled with sugars, even more than you think?

One tablespoon of ketchup contains even 4 grams of sugar while small ketchup packages, served in restaurants, contain more than 2 grams.

Daily recommended intake is around 10% of the total amount of food, which is around 50 grams. This amount of food includes all sugars from sweet foods and fruits.

Sodas, beer, juices and sweets contain the largest amounts of sugar.

Sugar causes addictiveness to our organism. It is linked with numerous health problems such as insomnia, allergies, depression, dizziness, skin irritation, hair loss, obesity, colon cancer, pancreas cancer, diabetes type 2 and tooth decay.

Eating sugar deprives B vitamins in the body and lack of this vitamin causes chronic fatigue, anxiety, paranoia, concentration problems, insomnia and a desire for more consumption of sweet.

Besides ketchup, there is hidden sugar in the following foods as well – hamburger, French fries, peanut butter, pasta sauces and mayonnaise.

Besides warnings from doctors and nutritionists, a person, on average, during his lifetime eats around 1.75 tons of sugar!