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Time For Natural Health Care

You Want To Eat Hot-Dog? You Should Probably Read This!

Hot-dog is favorite meal to many. Each of us at least once has been tempted to try one hot dog. But do you know how badly it influences your body?

1. Chicken hot dogs are not healthy

Most producers add salt in hot-dogs rather than natural fats. Turkey hot-dogs have 2 grams of saturated fat and 99 calories, but have 500 mg of salt, while chicken ones have even 600 mg of salt, almost a third of the recommended daily intake. Even if you decide to add the ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, the amount of imported salt further increases.

2. They are not organic

It is hard, almost impossible to find hot-dogs that were made from meat from organically raised animals that did not receive antibiotics or hormones.

3. Create fat deposits

Hot-dogs are packed with calories. And when combined with white bun, you are actually adding another 100 calories directly converted to fat on your stomach.

4. They are filled with nitrates

Nitrates and nitrites are commonly added in hot-dogs. These are additives that prolong the shelf life of these foods. The increased intake of nitrates is associated with an increased risk of getting cancer.

5. They are also filled with sodium

There is no hot dog without sodium and fat. Besides fattening, intake of sodium in the body is not healthy at all.

6. Hot gods have harmful effects on pregnant women

The bacterium called listeria, that causes listeriosis, often develops in hot-dogs. Miscarriage and birth of dead babies, as well as other serious health problems, can occur as a consequence of this disease.

source: healthyandnaturallife