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Time For Natural Health Care

Treat Ill Sinuses Using Horseradish


Thanks to horseradish you will be able to treat inflamed sinuses in a simple way through inhalation and coatings.

Since ancient times, in folk medicine, horseradish was known to be a medicinal herb. This is due to its hot and sharp taste and essential oils. This root’s main ingredient is sinigrin. Because of this ingredient, horseradish has its healing properties.

We present a few great horseradish recipes that will heal your sinuses.

1. Inhalation for treating inflamed sinuses

Heat a hotplate, cover it with aluminum foil and put on little bit of grind horseradish.

Cover your head with a towel and place it above the hotplate. Inhale the evaporation for 10 minutes before you go to bed.

If you feel stinging sensation in your nose, do not worry because that is horseradish’s positive property.

2. Recipe against inflamed sinuses

Ingredients needed:

– Half liter-glass bottle or jar

– Ground horseradish, almost at the top of the bottle

– Wine vinegar

Method of preparation:

Fill the bottle, with horseradish in it, with wine vinegar, close it tightly and let it stand still in a room temperature for 10 days. Remember to occasionally shake it.

After those 10 days, open the bottle and inhale near the opening for about 5 minutes. Try to breathe in deeply. Close the bottle afterwards and repeat the procedure on every hour.

Put on little bit of the mixture onto a cotton fabric and place it onto your forehead and nape for 15 minutes. You will gain even better results if you let the cotton fabric act overnight.

Repeat this procedure 5 to 7 days tops.