Stop Migraines In Just 5 Minutes With This Awesome Drink



Can you guess the No.1 reason why people call in sick is? Millions of people suffer from it worldwide! The problem is migraine!

But if the world knows about this amazing remedy, the way migraines affect everyone could significantly come down. It will help in reducing the number of people missing work in a big way.

Migraine comes with an unbearable severe pain. It is associated with symptoms such as head-throbbing and pounding that could last anything from 4 hours to an excruciating 72 hours.

Migraine can be so complicated that the symptoms appearing before it may prolong it further. Some of these signs are as following. So you should try and avoid them not to trigger the pain:

– Sensitivity towards light, noise and smell

– Vomiting

– Nausea

– Tingling

– Dizziness

– Numbness

While these are the signs, the causes behind migraine could be anything. Migraine may be caused due to alcohol, stress, deficiencies or even allergies.

But dehydration and electrolyte imbalance are the most common causes.

The irony is that your body could be dehydrated even if you consume a lot of water. This could be because you have low levels of electrolytes and your body keeps eliminating water. In fact, the migraine could itself be causing dehydration.

What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals which are positively charged within our body. They help regulate and support our nerve function. They also regulate our cardiovascular system and functioning of muscles.


Magnesium is called the natural anti-inflammatory mineral and it is crucial for our body. It has been found that migraines are caused as inflammatory response. Therefore, minerals are considered highly effective against these headaches.

Here is a simple remedy for migraines, which can be prepared using three basic ingredients:

– Water – 1 cup

– Lemon juice (from one lemon)

– Sea salt – 2 teaspoons

Make sure that the salt is high quality. Pink Himalayan salt can be a good choice because it has high levels of magnesium.

When you consume salt, it will also boost serotonin levels. This will help in fighting pain and inflammation.

Although this remedy is still being studied medically, it is well known that electrolyte solution IV is used in hospitals for treating migraines. This more than proves that salt works as a useful remedy for these headaches.

Moreover, this is a folk remedy and has been in use for a long time. It doesn’t cost you anything and is simple, and you can try it without any side effects.



Source: Healthy Definition