Make Total Detoxification For One Night Only!



What is the best way to relax after a busy day? Nothing can be better than a hot bath that can give relief from all the tension you have built-up through the day.

A hot bath is great for your overall health and in reducing stress. It is well known that stress can cause so many diseases.

Don’t just relax in an ordinary hot bath, you should prepare a bath that’s healing for your body. A healing-cum-relaxing bath can help in cleansing your mind and body. In other words, it can detox your body, which can prevent so many diseases.

How to Prepare your Detox Bath Recipe?

– Natural cider vinegar – 1 cup

– Bitter salt – 1 cup

– Rosemary twigs (fresh) – 2 to 3 twigs

– Healing clay – 1 cup

– Essential cinnamon oil – 3 to 4 drops

– Essential lavender oil – 3 to 4 drops


– Fill your tub with warm water and put all these ingredients into it.

– Get into the tub and make sure that your body and head are immersed in the healing bath.

– You should take a deep breath before diving your head in the relaxing bath. And also inhale deeply 3 times through your nose after removing your head.

– Repeat the diving many times to relieve the stress from your body and mind.

Relax in this hot bath while your body keeps exchanging materials and eliminating toxins.

You can practice this detox bath as many times as you want. But for results, you should do it minimum once per week. Many people are too busy with their lives. If you can’t find the time for it, you can just put your foot in the bath. It will help you get similar benefits.

Because the volume of water will be reduced, you should also reduce the ingredients accordingly. It will also help you in eliminating excess toxins which get built-up in your body throughout the day.



Source: Healthy Food Star

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